Flexible assessment model

At Exor, we know that one size doesn’t fit all,  that's why we offer a tiered assessment model

Our model enables buyers and suppliers to select the most appropriate assessment category for their procurement practices, size of business and the contracts they are entering into.


Underpinning every assessment category is our rigorous questionnaire which is aligned to public sector procurement practices, including PAS 91.

The questionnaire consists of a set of questions covering five core disciplines: finance, safety, environmental, quality and social value. All categories must be completed with supporting evidence where required.

Buyers and suppliers select their category of assessment and the level of validation they require from our expert in-house auditors.

What categories of assessment are there?

Exor provides two levels of assessment:

Exor Register – A self-certification assessment, which means supporting documentation must be provided with our questionnaire, but the information is not validated. However, it can be accessed by a buyer through our online portal.

Exor Validate – Supporting documentation to our questionnaire is submitted and is validated and monitored by our in house auditors.

What is Validation?

Our team of in-house auditors review the evidence provided by a supplier to ensure it reflects the responses given to our question set e.g. mandatory certificates are held and valid such as Electrical or Gas Safety, or a health and safety policy has been provided. If the incorrect information has been supplied, we will go back to the supplier and ask them to provide the correct information, undertaking a further check once received.

What categories of validation are there for Exor Validate?

Exor Validate provides three levels of validation – Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Each level is driven by the trading thresholds a supplier will undertake with a buyer.

In addition to validating the supporting information a supplier provides, working with our partner Experian, we undertake a financial assessment in order to determine various financial stability measures. The results of those measures will determine a buyer's recommended spend with a supplier.

  • Up to £5,000 (Bronze)
  • Up to £25,000 (Silver)
  • Over £25,000 (Gold)

How are suppliers monitored?

Throughout their membership, suppliers are requested to provide current and valid insurance and mandatory trading certificates. If expired or lapsed, our team of in-house experts will chase that information. Should we not be able to obtain the information, notification will be provided to all relevant buyers via our online portal.

Trading and financial information is also monitored including change of names, address and financial status. All changes are notified to buyers through our online portal meaning you will always have the most recent and up-to-date information.