The approach is thorough, robust and uncompromising: supplier information is checked and independently validated using a wide variety of data services, giving clients absolute confidence that their suppliers meet the required technical, legal and financial standards. 

Our reputation is enviable: with over 17 years of experience, we have developed some of the highest accreditation standards in the country. Exor ensures supplier compliance in:

  • Finance
  • Health and safety
  • Insurances
  • Environmental
  • Diversity and equality
  • Certification and licensing obligations
  • Quality
Exor’s categories of assessment: 
We offer suppliers 5 categories of assessment – bronze, bronze+, silver, silver+ and gold, each representing a different level of vetting. The type of assessment depends on a number of criteria, including: 
  • The level of spend
  • The category of work
  • The physical and financial risks involved
  • We also consider any additional assessment criteria requested by the client.
As a founding member of the Safety Schemes in Procurement , over 17 years’ experience and some of the highest assessment standards in the market place, buyers and suppliers can be secure in the knowledge that the pre-qualification criteria are thorough, relevant and reliable.
Exor’s assessment service helps clients to:
  • Manage risk effortlessly and effectively
  • Save time spent vetting suppliers, assessing and re-assessing prequalification documents and maintaining an ‘approved list’
  • Reduce internal compliance overheads 
  • Satisfy audit requirements

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