Three ways that you can improve your SMEs publicity

The majority of small businesses and start-ups in the UK do not have the funds for a PR, marketing or a social media team. Here are three tips that can help improve your SMEs publicity without spending a penny.

1. Release your information on a strictly periodic basis

If you want your small business to make a lasting impression on potential customers and investors, you have to become consistent with the release of your information. Sporadically churning out press releases, emails and updates will not grab anyone’s attention and your hard work will end up in the trash folder.

Consistently share your new releases periodically, whether it’s daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This way your audience will know when to expect your incoming messages. There are many press release systems that you can use for free that will help you make a lasting impact.

2. Make a lasting connection with Journalists

In today’s digital world, there is a near unlimited supply of Journalists, bloggers and writers who are interested in small businesses (SME Insider being one!) that would love to hear from you. Forms of social media such as Twitter could provide you with an initial platform to create a relationship with reporters.

Press release systems such as PR newswire really attract interest from Journalists but cost a fortune to be a part of. There are free platforms that provide a similar service, such as help a reporter out (HARO) which allows your article to be viewed by a variety of Journalists.

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3. Business shows and radio interviews could promote your business to a whole new demographic

One of the simplest ways to publicise your small business is physically getting yourself out there and make a lasting impression. Similarly to the second point, you can get your point across digitally, so online radio shows and podcasts provide a brilliant chance for your small business to be heard by a large audience.

There are lots of free business shows and expos occurring throughout the country which provide ample opportunity for SME owners to gain publicity.  For example, The Business Show at the Excel centre in London next week is an opportunity for small businesses to really create show off products and services.

Source: SME Insider

Post date: 08 May 2015

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