Marketing gap costs SMEs £122bn (Infographic)

Small businesses are failing to properly market their business properly, with SME owners only achieving 39% of its planned marketing activity, according to research shown in the infographic below.

Marketing is a pivotal component for any successful business. With 77 per cent of business owners recognising that marketing is extremely important, it is unusual to see that most SMEs struggle to implement efficient marketing campaigns.

This infographic from pBsmart Essentials reveals the most common reasons as to why business owners don’t do enough marketing. You will also receive 4 top tips that you can use to market your company.

SME Media Gap


The research was conducted by Opinion Matters with 514 respondents. It questioned SME owners and decision makers in the UK with businesses ranging from 1-250 people in size. The survey was carried out between January and February 2013.

Source: SME Insider

Post date: 12 Jun 2015

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